1. How to Use Film Blowing Machine Properly

          How to Use Film Blowing Machine Properly
          1, blown film machine check the temperature control intact, heating appliances intact, pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature in the range of indicators.
          2, check the traction speed, control film thickness.
          3, observe and adjust the thickness of the film uniform, folding diameter meet the standard.
          4, check the air storage cylinder pressure, blown film machine can not be too high, but there should be standby pressure.
          5, check the control of raw material ratio and mix evenly.
          6, check whether the impurities in raw materials, in particular, should be promptly checked with a magnet mixed with iron.
          7, check the gear box and air compressor lubricating oil lubrication.
          8, regularly check the operation of the motor temperature and mechanical transmission.
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